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“READ” this memo in it’s entirety.

Good Day ZIN™ Members; we would like to 
thank you for registering into and welcome you to our Zumba® Pro Skills Instructor Training. Erick Santana will be your Zumba® Education Specialists guiding you through your further growth and development phase as a fitness professional.
You are responsible for printing and bringing these documents to the training. 

Congratulations and welcome back Zumba® Instructors and distinguished ZIN™ Members. Congratulations because we commend you on your continued thirst for knowledge through continuing education; the most important element in longevity in any business.

Please read this memo thoroughly to insure your learning experience is comfortable, enjoyable and FUN!

Create the ultimate Zumba® class experience with the Zumba® Pro Skills instructor training. It’s perfect for Zumba® Fitness Instructors ready to take their teaching skills to the next level! Enhance your teaching techniques and presentation skills, while learning how to strengthen bonds within your student community. This instructor training will help you develop your own unique strengths and give your leadership skills a professional edge.

During the Instructor Training, you will:

· Learn enhanced professional instructor techniques
· Assess and play-up unique authentic instructor strengths
· Improve on basic teaching skills
· Identify how to motivate different behavioral and learning types
· Gain effective leadership and presentation skills
· Become inspired and motivated to reach next level   goals
· Leave being a more influential teacher with a greater ability to impact a variety of students

The purpose of the Zumba® Pro Skills Instructor Training is:
·  To take instructional skills to the next level
·  To improve Zumba® participants’ success in class
·  To overall create the ultimate Zumba® class experience

Early Dismissal    IMPORTANT 

If you have prior engagements that will impair you from remaining in training the full extent of the day please reschedule your course.

Please make a note of the time in which the training will take place. All participants scheduled for this training are expected to part take in the full day of training.

Kindly DO NOT request early dismissal. We are all travelling for a ways to train all of our participants.

We are committed to each and every one of you for the full extent of the training. We kindly request that you extend us and your colleagues such courtesy. We must respect those that have scheduled their time accordingly to commit to the entire day. If we make the exception for one person we must make it for all. We kindly thank you for your sensitivity to this matter and we look forward to spending a fun-filled day with each and every one of you. 

Receipt and Proof of Payment

Please bring a receipt or payment confirmation in the event we do not have record of you on our roster. Technical difficulties occur beyond our control and with your receipt and/or registration confirmation we will be able to accommodate you. Please make certain that the receipt reads the date of the training, the location and that you are a confirmed participant for the particular training. You may e-mail Zumba Fitness for a copy of your receipt to http://www.zumba.com/support_contacts or you may contact customer service at 954-925-3755

Changes of Clothes

We recommend 3 changes of apparel so you may change throughout the day at your comfort and leisure. We will be conducting a “Master Class”. You might want to change right after exercise. Zumba Wear will be available for sale at the venue. Forms of payment accepted will be in cash or charge. 

Bag Lunch & Snacks

Please pack light snacks/drinks and a bag lunch for the day. Some facilities are equipped with vending machines or snack/smoothie bars where you are able to purchase snack items. Please bring small change to make your purchases. Not all facilities have this available so please pack your own in the event this amenity is not available. We encourage participants to please pack a bag lunch.

Lockers and Pad Locks

Some facilities have a wide array of lockers to accommodate both members and visitors. You may want to pack your own pad lock. Some facilities may have enough lockers but they DO NOT provide locks. Please consider that lockers may be available on a first come first serve basis. This could be very useful so we make use of the space we are provided to train in. We will be visitors to the location as well and we can only make it as comfortable as the location allows us to be based on the space they provide.

Pen and Pad

You might want to pack a notebook and or pads and 2 pens or pencils to take notes throughout the day. We will be sharing valuable information through the lecture portion of the course and you may want to take notes.
Congratulations on committing yourself to continuing education. Your new found knowledge will shine through your instruction


We look forward to making your acquaintance.


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