Distinguished ZIN™ Members,

I would personally like to take this opportunity to offer a sincere and most profound gesture of gratitude for enrolling and participating in my session “Customized Choreography” ZIN™ 51. Your support through your attendance means the world to me personally; you could have chosen any other presenter over me, I am aware of such choice and it is why it means so much that you chose to part take in the session I presented.

A simple reminder; you will receive a link to an evaluation that will follow in the next couple of weeks. Kindly please take the time to fill out this evaluation. Every year I aim in raising my satisfactory rate and this year will be no different and it is why your success following this session is important to me.

Please click on the image: 


It will direct you to the choreo-notes of the  choreography breakdown offered at your session. The document is password protected intended only for participants who attended and completed my session. The password was granted to each of you at the session. Please type in the password when prompted upon clicking on the link above.

In it you will find some very helpful reminders on how to tweak, modify and intensify any and all future and existing choreography tailor fit to the level of participants in your classes.

Finally, below are all of my social media links; please feel free to post on my pages letting me know how successful it has been for you in your classes. Your endorsement will mean you will be back to visit me next year to Own It & Bring It

A continued, successful 2013 to each of you and I will be looking so forward to your posts and comments in the following months.

Blessings now and always; yours truly,

Zumba® with Erick
Own It & Bring It™
Education Specialist
International Presenter
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