A Special New Year Message and Best Wishes for the year 2015 from Erick Santana

A Special New Year Message and Best Wishes for the year 2015 from Erick Santana

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A Special New Year Message and Best Wishes for the year 2015 from Erick Santana

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2015!

Many send out holiday and season greeting messages but I always put special thought in how I would like to leave a lasting and memorable imprint within the hearts of the people which mean most to me.

The best way to receive what one would like out of life is to want those things for your neighbor. With that said I would like to wish each and everyone of you a blessed and happy new year 2015.

May this 2015 be filled with health first and above all; love and happiness. Nurture the seeds you have planted within the relationships you have started in 2014 and build solid foundations in the ones you currently have.

Regardless of the status of those relationships, the foundation you set within said relationships make certain the pillars in which they are to stand include, loyalty, respect, love, empathy and spirituality.

If any and all relationships have the foundation of loyalty, respect, love, empathy and spirituality, the wealth you will receive will be gratifying and it will be everything your heart desires and then some. It is the best gift that gives on giving; everything else around us of material value will have no worth in comparison.

It is not quantity is quality; it is not the package is the content and the substance of the package that is important. Surround yourselves with people that with their love and ideals will help you soar, leap and bounds. Partner, lover, friend, family regardless make certain they want for you what they would want for themselves and practice the same ideology.

The path to love, happiness and success is not an easy path to follow and it is why it is important that the choices in people are wise, methodical and calculated.

It is best to have one person that is your everything than many and the mean nothing and still be empty.

It is best to go down that path with one person that is willing to share the burdens and the pains of change then to be surrounded many that pretend to have your best interest at heart but are not willing to walk the path and share the burden and the pains of change with you.

Regardless of faith color and creed, the best form of religion is the one you practice through your daily walk of life; within the people you frequent and within the people you know and more importantly the people you don’t know.

May 2015 be even better than last and may God bless all with many more years ahead to live out your dreams, achieve our goals and set pillars of of loyalty, respect, love, empathy and spirituality along the way so our wealth is plentiful in abundance.

Now and always humbly yours,

Erick Santana
One of yours
A simple human being with insatiable desires to learn, grow and be better. One day at a time, one person at a time.

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